Free Princess Clip Art and Coloring Pages

Free Princess Clip Art


The kids have decided to abandon ship for the night so I had some free time… Free time? Hmm that doesn’t sound right. I don’t know when the last time I had any time that was free other than earlier this week when I was so sick I couldn’t hold my head up and they stayed at Camp Granny out of want to be fed, bathed, and all those things that you have to be able to lift your head to do.

Tonight it was a movie they wanted to watch. I was abandoned for a talking dog movie… I don’t know how I feel about that.

I did however use that “free” time as foolishly as possible. I ate junk food  I have been smuggling home and hiding. I watched tv alone and it wasn’t Disney or Cartoon Network. I then drew these little Princesses.

Three in total. I may add to the set if the fancy strikes but for now we have three princess. I have the coloring pages ready, one activity sheet, and clip art you can use to make your own activity sheets.

 Feel free to use as you choose as long as you don’t claim. 
Just click each picture for larger images!

3 Princesses ready for crayons!

A Printable Activity sheet.


and Clip Art!

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