TruMoo Milk Birthday Cake Pops

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Challenge Issued: Create a recipe with TruMoo flavored milk…
Challenge accepted.

This week was my son’s birthday. To celebrate I made him TruMoo Milk Birthday Cake Pops.
My son is a Chocolate Milk connoisseur. He has been an expert since his toddler years. TruMoo is his absolute favorite. Which is okay with me. I like it because it’s fresh milk with no growth hormones. 
There really isn’t much hard work to these tasty creations but I will say they are quite good. The TruMoo adds a unique and plesent taste to the finished product. Simple recipes the kids can help are my favorites. This one will go down as one we will enjoy more in the future.

Ingredient list
 photo TruMooChocMilk_zpse31c1782.png
TruMoo Flavored Milk (I used Chocolate but I bet Strawberry would be wonderful too.)
White Cake Mix and necessary ingredients from it’s package
Vanilla Pudding
Candy Melts
White Frosting

The Busy Mom’s guide to Cake Pop Making:
First I add the Cake Mix to a bowl. I made the cake batter according to the instructions on the box.
I also added the pudding at this point.  I used vanilla pudding as to not have an over powering chocolate flavor that my daughter isn’t fond of. TruMoo is the perfect balance of flavor without being too much for her. The pudding adds a little extra somthing to the cake batter. If your cake batter has pudding in it you can skip this step.
I put in 1 cup of the TruMoo Chocolate Flavored Milk in the mix. 

Stirred it till it there was no more lumps. At this time I plugged in my cake pop machine and it was heating up.
After it was ready to bake.
Then I popped my finger licking (not a confession, well maybe but I’m not admitting anything) dough into the cake pop baker and waited for them to bake.

The best part of the process is the cake pop extraction from the machine.
All cake pops that don’t come out perfect are in fact fair game. I just really couldn’t waste that deliciousness so I had to eat them… It was out of necessity. Really.
Although if you don’t have a cake pop baker you can bake as normal and crumble finished cake into a bowl.
Add in a tube of icing and form the balls by hand.

Melt your candy melts in the microwave for a minute stirr and then another 30 seconds.
Becareful of what you use to heat them as they will melt plastic microwave dishes.
Dip your stick first and then stick it into the cake pop. Let them cool and then you can dip them in your melted candy melts.
Let the kids Decorate to their hearts content. We used pink candy melts because we had intended there to be strawberry in the process but I forgot the strawberry icing when I let them decorate.

Eat and enjoy!
 photo TruMooStrawberryMilk_zpsb7c98193.png
This recipe will work with any flavor of TruMoo Flavored Milk you try. 
All would taste great!
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