Kid Art Doesn’t Have to be Complicated – Simple Tips For Kid’s Art

Kid Art Doesn’t Have to be Complicated 
Again, I say Kid’s Art activities don’t have to be complicated… But sometimes they can be too.
 The mess doesn’t matter but at the same time there doesn’t have to be a mess. 
It isn’t about the project itself. 
It’s about what the kid takes away from the project.
Does the project inspire?
Does the project encourage creativity?
Is there something they can learn?
Does the project help develop the child’s:
Sense of self?
Color appreciation?
Motor skills?
If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, it is a project worth doing.
It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to always be messy, although it’s okay if it is.

Some of the best kid’s art projects start with just a piece of paper and a crayon. All it takes is a child and their imagination. They will create. It’s in their nature to create something. Whether it’s finger painting, gluing paper together, creating some beautiful picture, or building something, they are artists at heart.
Don’t worry about the mess that comes naturally to the creative process. 
Messes can be cleaned up anytime but kids grow before you know it.

A Few Simple Ideas
Give a child materials that they can use easily. Think on their level. Also know that the project is not going to turn out how you think it will. If it did it’s a craft not a creative art project. Which is okay sometimes too but creative art is the child creatively creating something. It’s going to turn out the way they want. 
A Piece of paper and some drawing tools are a great way to get the creative juices flowing. It’s also a good to keep a small bag with those items in it for when children have to sit and wait somewhere like at the doctor’s office. 
Let them try all different kinds of materials, crayons, pencils, oil pastels, markers, water colors (although do know that if they eat the water colors that come in the little plastic holders poison control said they should be fine.) or whatever you have on hand. Try to find some smelly markers, those things are so much fun, we picked up a big bunch at the store for .10 each even one that smells like a barnyard.
Let them stick their hands into a big mound of finger paint and work on their latest masterpiece. All you need is paper and paint. There are even recipes to create your own finger paint.
 Give them new tools to work with such as instead of a normal paint brush give them a sponge or an empty cup or even a marshmallow.
 Let them find their own paint brushes in nature. Leaves, rocks, grass… It all works. Nature is a wonderful place to find art materials. You could create your own nature book.
Use different materials to create with like cool whip or shaving cream.
Use materials you already have around the house like creating puppets out of toilet paper rolls or mason jar lids as stencils
Let them have the empty cereal boxes or the lids of drink bottles and create something out of them. Cut out a hole in the top of the box and let them create dinosaur or robot feet. 
Add a little food coloring to water and freeze it to make ice art. It’s really fun and a great sensory project.
Try new ways of painting such as filling a balloon with paint (I would suggest water colors or tinted water with food coloring) and taking them outside. I will admit this one is more on the complicated side but lots of fun. It’s okay to be complicated sometimes too… My point is art can be easy or complicated, it isn’t about the process but what they get out of the process. Creating art is about exploring your senses, building your imagination, and bringing something from your head to life. 

So go have fun and create something today!

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