Maracas From Paper Cups #thinkoutsidethetoybox

This past week has been so much fun with an exciting impromptu vacation to celebrate my son’s birthday. 
We have had a blast. 
We also made something special for the blog because Monday means it is time for

Think Outside The Toy Box!
I can’t believe this series is almost over but no fear there is another in the works that is just as awesome!
This week we dove into activities with


We made maracas at the hotel.
 It was a wet rainy day and this was the perfect activity because not only did it encourage quiet time it also encouraged noisy playful dance time with the finish product.


Cups (at least two)
Stuff that rattles (we used Princess dust)

Have the child put their loose materials in the bottom of one cup. Make sure whatever you use is not materials the child can get hurt on if swallowed. 

Have the child then put another cup on top and help them tape the seam shut. We used so decorative tape we purchased at Toy’s R Us on sale for like .20. Lucky find as it was super hero tape. 

Then let them decorate their maraca. We used stickers but they could paint or color too.

Then it is a requirement to dance and shake them all over the place. 
I couldn’t get a picture of the dance. Too much movement inside on a cloudy day. My camera freaked out.

I am so excited to see what everyone else has done this week!!

This post is part of the:

Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series

The series is put together by
and me 🙂

Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series
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