Toy Box Make Over – Making An old Toybox New!

Over the weekend we were cleaning out some old things from the storage building at my parent’s house. Among those things I found this long forgotten toybox. This is the nicest toybox I have ever seen. It’s cloth on the outside and has a spring lid to keep fingers from being smashed. I wanted it for Lou’s room so I asked if I could take it home with me. Now I just had to fix it up a little bit. 
The sad thing about being long forgotten is that it was stained and dirty. I knew that most of those ugly rust stains would not be able to be removed. So an idea formed. What could I do with this box?

Time for a toy box make over!!!

I took the lid off and took it apart. It was quite easy to do once I finally found a screw driver. You would think in house where a craft-o-holic lives there would be a screwdriver…. Well there was but it was hiding in this strange big bag of other tools. Some people call it a tool box. I call it, “The last place I looked in a two hour long search for a screwdriver.” Who would have thought that there would be where I would have found it.
CB picked out the new fabric choices. She picked out the lovely Boppy pillow matching fabric for the top which makes it match out toy puff we made (psst… there is a tutorial for that if you click the link). For the bottom she choose a peace sign pink fabric. She is the only girl I know that has pink everywhere but also vampire and Halloween decorations hanging in her room.
If you will notice it did end up in CB’s room and not Lou’s but that was because CB HAD to have it. She had to have it I tell you. It was of dire utmost importance that she have this exact toybox in her room or she wouldn’t be able to stand it. How could a mother say no to that?

I also made her a large pillow to sit on the back of it out of the same Boppy material. She loved how it turned out and has been showing it off all week to anyone who would look. It does make a crafter feel good when someone loves their make over projects this much.