DIY Crayon Alphabet Letters with Wax Paper

First of all I want to express my excitement that it is again Monday and time for the Think Outside The Toy Box Series. 
Everyone has done a wonderful job this week!!! 
This week was a little more difficult for me as time was a valuable commodity this week and there just wasn’t enough to go around. 
The theme for the week is
I had a few failures today as I tried a few new ideas but that is the fun in experimentation. Finally getting things right makes all the wrongs just learning experiences.
We finally just decided to go with making Alphabet crayons because time was running out.

Notice I have no patience in waiting till they were truly hardened.


Cookie Cutters
Wax Paper
Broken Crayons
Metal Cup

Break the crayons into color groups. 
Put the pot with water in it on the stove and start it boiling.

Taking the paper off is optional although they do melt faster without it.

Add the crayons one color at a time to the metal cup to melt.
Dip the bottom of the cookie cutters into melted wax and then put them the wax paper. This will seal the bottom and keep the crayon from running.

Pour the melted crayon into the cookie cuter.
Let them cool for awhile and pop them out.

If you don’t give them enough time they will break.

The try them out and see what new colors you can come up with.

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