Pete the Monkey and a few tips for Pinata Safety

We had our first experience with a pinata this weekend. It was quite an interesting experience.
Lou chose this fine little monkey.
His name is Pete. His hobbies are jumping on the bed and teasing alligators. His best friend is a little monkey stuffed animal named Boots who he met after being introduced to by a mutual friend named Lou. They have shared many adventures together. Okay only one, the trip from the store to the park, but it sure was an exciting adventure. 

Pete the Monkey

Pete was filled to the brim with candy and treats. Which is what sealed his fate and handed him his execution sentence. Poor Pete.

“Mommy, Why Pete there?”

It is extremely important to explain the process to the smaller children.
Make sure that the birthday child is okay with hitting their pinata before letting everyone attack their new friend. In fact it’s probably a good idea to not let them get attached by picking out the pinata and carrying around… and loving on it like a new stuffed animal. 
“Here baby, here is you a cute sweet new monkey friend we will later beat to death with a stick and remove and eat his candy guts.” 

I may need to start a therapy savings account for when she is older.

We let the smaller children go first because we thought the bigger children would do the most damage.
First rule of Pinata Safety:
Never assume a small child cannot hit just as hard as the older children. Also never assume a small child will listen as you scream for them to stop hitting the other people in the group trying to find the pinata.

Blindfolds are fun… That is what they tell me anyway.
A few more tips for Pinata fun:
Use a sturdy stick. We were afraid to use a bat because there was so many little ones and we knew some one would miss so we used a plastic water toy.
Note: Plastic toys have a high chance of the ends breaking off and flying straight into your husbands tender areas causing him to be knocked off his feet…. Yeah I wish I had that on video.
Also, when you put a blindfold on a child and spin them around, make sure when you stop spinning them you are behind them. Children tend to just start swinging.
Have a first aid kit on hand for the adults in the group.
When the pinata finally after several hits falls to the ground…. Run. Things are about to get crazy as a sugar infested mob of children crowd the point of impact. The poor little fellow didn’t stand a chance.
No more jumping on the bed.
No more tempting fate by teasing alligators.
No more swinging in the trees.
Who is going to tell Boots?
Now a moment of silence for Pete.
And we are over it…. Where is the slide?

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