#thinkoutsidethetoybox Create Your own Water Umbrella With a Pool Noodle


Pool Noodle
4 Plastic or Styrofoam Plates
PVC pipe or a broom handle

Take Aways
Sensory water play
Cold wetness on a hot day

Tape your plates together with water resistant tape. I used electrical because the store had sold out of duct tape but you could get nice colorful pretty duct tape and use flat plastic plates for a longer lasting Umbrella. Our ugly black tape worked just as good with Styrofoam plates. Tape them top and bottom into a kinda circle shape.

After you have your plates taped in a circle and then to your Pool noodle, tape your pool noodle to your pipe or broom or whatever you choose to keep your noodle upright. Dig a slight hole and insert the end of your stabilizer into the ground and make sure it will stand up. If you have an umbrella stand that would work too.

Snake your water hose up into the bottom of the pool noddle and turn it on!

Not the prettiest setup but it was ALOT of fun!

You can make it standalone water umbrella in the yard or curve it over a kiddie pool for added water fun.
It was COLD water….

Pool Noodles are wonderful versatile objects to have on hand.
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