Day of the 3 Dresses – Pillow Case Dresses That is.. Sew and Show Time

The last sewing weekend produced 11 pairs of shorts.

This weekend we have 3 pillowcase dresses. 

I will admit that these are the first pillowcase dresses I have made that are wearable.
The simple pillow case dress design has been the hardest pattern me to grasp. 
I have a bad habit of being a little on the lazy side and not take the proper steps with hopes that even though I didn’t pin this or pre iron that, it will all work out. And it usually does for the most part but pillowcase dresses are different. They have such a simple design and clean lines that they show any flaw like a big red bulls-eye. 

Today I got the iron out. I measured and cut and was so precise I scared myself. 

The extra work paid off in the form of these three pillowcase dresses. I will have to borrow back my toddler from her Granny to take pictures as she was toddler-napped earlier with a promise of pool time and the big park…. 

I purchased this fabric to use for a skirt… I really like the pattern. I have extra and probably will make her a matching hairbow. Ignore the loose strings I see a few I missed.

This is made from fabric left over from my Boppy Toy and Book Holder Project. This fabric is some of the best fabric I have worked with. I love the feel and how it cuts and sews… I could quickly get spoiled by it’s quality and that my friends is 100% my opinion.

My favorite is  this one with the hearts. I love the fabric. The best thing about this one is that depending on how the ribbon is tied it can fit my oldest daughter who is a tween as a shirt and my youngest daughter who is a toddler as a dress. That is what makes the pillowcase style so amazing. It’s simple yet beautiful.
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