My Two Cents May Not Be Worth Much But Here It Is….

I have been know to be outspoken on very few subjects but when it comes to my kids I will make my point known. 
I’m not mommy perfect. I don’t claim to have that fantasy tv life where the kids come home from a productive day at school, kiss mommy dearest on the cheek as she stands at the sink with her apron on slaving away, and then frolic happily up to their rooms to do their homework. 
We aren’t a Leave it to Beaver family. 
My kids are a little spoiled (maybe a little more than a little). The house is a little messy (little is such a subjective term…) . Sometimes I don’t want to cook so we have take out and sometime it’s even fast food. 
We are a real family with real issues but we really love each other.
I have never claimed to be the best mommy ever, no matter how much my kids try to give the title to me, it just doesn’t fit. I mess up. I fail. I’m human. Being a mother doesn’t make me super human and giving birth didn’t help me to gain some magical mommy super powers. Although that would be kinda spectacular.. 
I know my mom skills have come into question many times over the past years. 
My oldest daughter’s new obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer probably could be questioned. 
My son’s over use of Minecraft and the fact that although he is limited I do let him slide more than I should.
Or the fact that I’m not entirely sure if my son has had a bath since school let out…. unless the pool counts. I suppose he has at his granny’s house where he has been spending a lot of time (the pool I mentioned being the reason). He said he did but I can’t say I’m positive.
To be honest someone could question why I bought my son a purple shirt the other day. 
Granted I am purple blue color blind and thought it was actually blue.
 I feel the stereotypes about gender related toys, jobs, or colors are anachronous. However, just because I feel this way does not mean my son does. Thank you public school for the fine lesson on gender roles. Happily, he wore his shirt and forgot after the initial gasp of astonishment that it was purple. No one said a word to him. 
Yet the times when I admit my parenting skills fall short are not the moments I’ve been called out on.
With recent news about a certain public figure making her views known about the ever popular breastfeeding issue, I thought I would share my point of view, yet again.

My daughter will be 2 years old next month. She is happy, healthy, and very intelligent. 
She is also still breastfed.
Breastfeeding is the “in” thing, the popular thing to do for new mothers. Well until that baby turns 12 months than after that it is seen as,” OMG you are still what??” 
My only ever so slightly sarcastic response:
So you don’t care that my nearly two year old is covered head to toe in chocolate and various other sticky sugary substances, you are just worried about the emotional and psychological scaring that you are so certain I am inflicting by nursing my toddler? I am so glad that you are here to show me the error in my parental judgement calls. Thank you for your oh so friendly and welcomed advice.
My husband asks me every time if I feel she is getting too old for “that”. 
Umm… Too old and not even 2? Some countries the norm is closer to 4 or 5. 
I feel the issue isn’t really an issue at all, it’s a choice, a personal decision, and a basic motherhood right to decide what is best for you and your child. It isn’t up to tv personalities to tell us when, where, or how we should feed our children. If you don’t like it than don’t look. If you don’t want to do it than don’t. Simple really. 
How often do we hear in the news that so and so *GASP* cloth diapers? Never. How often is it mentioned who chooses to buy ORGANIC clothes? It isn’t. Or does anyone know who choose to wear their baby? Only when you see them in pictures from tabloids. 
Why then do we hear so much about nursing?
It’s NORMAL.  It’s just a breast.

We see probably just as much of women’s breasts at the beach in the new barely there bikinis. 
My  opinion:
It doesn’t matter how you feed your baby as long as you feed them….. Unless your feeding them Jack Daniels, that I would probably frown upon.

Your child, your choice!
or should I say
My child, my choice! 
And anyone who chooses to try to make it their business can take their unwarranted advice and redirect it to help me figure out how to get bubble gum out of carpet or find my missing cell phone charger or the million and one other things I need help with… I have this baby feeding business taken care of. 🙂 


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