#thinkoutsidethetoybox Kool-Aid Art – Rear View Window Car Freshener Craft

It’s Monday again! That means it’s time for 

This week was Kool Aid! Did you realize there is like a billion things you can use Kool Aid for other than a sugar coma inducing drink? 
I have seen science, art, crafts, foam, play doh… OH MY! Brightly colorful crafts abound in this week of Think Outside the Toy Box. You have got to check them all out!

We were in Father’s Day mode this weekend so even though it’s the day after, what we made was for the kid’s dear not so old dad or his car that is. 
When discussing with the kids about Kool Aid art we all came to the conclusion that Kool Aid is messy, colorful, and smelly. The smell is quite strong which lead to this idea. The whole house still smells of the sticky sweet Kool Aid aroma. I’m not sure if these would really work but the kids had a blast making them and their daddy loved them.


Kool Aid 
Peel And Stick Clear Laminate 

Step 1
I cut a small rectangle out of sticky paper. I then let the kids sprinkle Kool Aid on to the sticky paper. 
Yay Messy Time! Someone pass the Dawn!


Fold the sticky paper in half and cut out a heart shape. You should have two hears. Put them together so that the powder is touching. Add your ribbon at this time. Place them between two more larger sheets of sticky paper. Cut around the larger sticky paper and leave enough room for it to seal closed except for the bottom, leave it open so the fragrance of summer can waft out.

And that is all there is to it.
You could make them any shape or just one color….
They kinda look stained glassish….

I them let the little ones play in the powder. They had more fun playing in the powder than making the craft.

Another project you can do is after you let them spread around the powder, get a spray bottle with some water in it. Lightly spray their art and it makes for some unusual patterns.

Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series

The series is put together by
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