Upcycled Toddler Tshirt Dress Sew and Show Project

What happens when you have two shirts you really like, one has a hole in the bottom and one has a stain on the top? 

After you have that instant feeling of “Oh Man”.

You could throw them away into our already bulging trash dumps. 

You could reason that kids will be kids and clothes are just not made to last “now days”.

You could come to terms with the fact that the kids are growing out of their clothes in a hurry. That is what kids do. They grow.

 Or you could do something environmentally friendly, frugal, and creative about it.

Something like cutting the top off one and the bottom off the other and sewing them together to create an adorable tshirt dress.

What was once two of CB’s favorite shirts is now a cute dress for Lou Lou to wear to church. 

I encourage upcycling as it is great for our environment. Reuse if possible instead of tossing or if you can’t reuse and the item still looks good think of donating instead of trashing it. 

Not only can upcycling help our environment it’s also financially beneficial. 

And it’s a great creative outlet to take something old and make it new again. To take something broken and to make something useful out of it is a wonderful feeling.