Jumper Dress with Pocket – Sew and Show Post

Another sew and show from this weekend. This is a jumper made with some material I picked up at a yard sale. I rather like the feel of it although it is probably too thick for right now. I’m still getting used to the rounded areas and my button holes aren’t perfect.
 I was kinda happy with how the pocket turned out. If you can tell from the details pictures, I chose to not hem it around the sides and bottom although I did hem the top where it opens part.. I just zig zagged it raw edges and all. I really like how it turned out. This fabric does not need a liner as the back of it is as soft as the front.  

Jumper dress made for Lou Lou. 

The details of this dress are not really as extravagant as some of the others. It really is just a simple jumper. I did use the zig zag stitch as I seem to do alot. I like the playful look it adds by using a contrasting fabric. I feel it just adds more character.

There is a liner inside the dress which is made out of a soft white liner material. The outside material is thick enough so I found the thinnest material I could for the liner. I didn’t want to add more weight or heat. I think I would pair this with a long sleeve white shirt, tights, and brown boots in the Fall. Right now maybe on a rainy cooler day I could pair it was a short sleeve white or beige top and her beige dress shoes.

I couldn’t get a model to test it out. She was not in a cooperative mood today. I’ll add pictures if I can get her into it.