Super Shorts Saturday- Sewing 15 minute Shorts for Kids

1 day 11 pairs of shorts… 


A sewing show off post about sewing kid’s shorts.
I realized my daughter has grown so much in the past month or so and still growing at this rapid speed that I’m not sure what size to get her to last. So I decided to make her some shorts for this summer in hopes that she will not have to run around in a pull up all summer long. 
Saturday Granny took the kids to the park for some Granny time. Although this Granny time usually leaves me feeling guilt and missing me kids, I think it’s wonderful for them to have that special time with their Granny. I stayed home to clean….. Didn’t happen

Instead I made Lou some shorts to wear to play in. Each pair took around 15 minutes after I got them all cut out. They are just simple shorts with no added embellishments made for playing outside and going to Granny’s house this summer.

On to the short show off! 

Shorts 1

Made with vintage fabric that I love.

Shorts 2

Made with more vintage fabric. Thinking of making an apron top to match.

Shorts 3

Upcycled from a polo shirt that CB will not wear… It had buttons on it and a collar, it never had a chance. 

Shorts 4

Upcycled from a shirt that I could no long wear…

Shorts 5

Upcycled from the remains of a shirt I cut up for another project.

Shorts 6

Upcycled from a Halloween shirt. I have a thing for stripes.

Shorts 7

Upcycled from a tshirt. See more stripes.

Shorts 8

Made with left over fabric from Easter dress.

Shorts 9

Upcycled from an old CB dress. Possibly my favorites.

Shorts 10

Upcycled from a shirt that had a hole in it. Apparently someone forgot to clip the strings on this one…. I’m shocked. I never forget to clip the strings… (this statement was said with sarcasm)

Shorts 11

Made from scrap fabric I found in the fabric stash. These feel more like a good pair of pj shorts.

Which one is your favorite??