Boppy Pillow Fabric Matching Puff Toy and Book Holder

One of the most amazing inventions in the infant world has got to be the Boppy pillow. I don’t know how I made it through the first two children as infants without one. It was such a lifesaver when Lou Lou came along that I credit to it part of the reason that I have breastfed so long as it is an essential tool we use. 
Boppy Pillows are wonderful creations.

Boppy has now came out with pre cut fabric in 3 yard increments that coordinate with some of their Boppy pillows. So now those DIYers out there like me can create other nursery coordinating items such as my puff toy holder.
Currently there are three patterns available. 

I was lucky enough to be asked to create something with this one:

Backyard Blooms

I love this fabric. It isn’t often I get to sew with such quality fabric. 
My creation is a puff ottoman that has four pockets to hold books, toys, blankets, or whatever you want on hand at story time or during a nursing session. So I can prop up my feet and still have everything I need in arms reach well feet’s reach anyway. It looks beautiful and is a comfy new addition to our nursing sessions. 

Want one of your own? 

I’m going to tell you how to make your own now!
First you need to cut out 6 squares for your base panels
2 Longer pockets sides
2 squares the same size as the base panels for pockets

The book pockets are just folded down and sewn across the top and then pinned to the base panel.

The Toy pockets are longer. Fold the top edge over and hem then fold it over again and sew across about an inch from the top to form a casing for the elastic.

With the right side of the fabric on the inside and pockets touching place one book panel and one toy panel together. Sew one side together.

Open it up and place the other book panel on the toy panel and sew them together.
Open that up and you should have three panels together and your toy pocket should be formed. 
Take the remaining pocket panel and lay it on one of the book panels and sew it together.

Take your edge pocket panel and book panel and sew it together. Now you should have a the sides formed and all pocket sides closed. 

Now you can sew on your bottom panel. Make sure at each corner you stop and readjust.
After that you can put on the top panel leaving an open for stuffing.
Stuff and sew closed.
I did add a zipper to mine but that is optional.

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I received the backyard blooms fabric from Boppy to test out but all opinions are my own.