Easy to Make Flour Finger Paint – Father’s Day Banner


Food coloring
Optional: Styrofoam balls

Creative art activity.

To make the paint just put a teaspoon of flour, water, and salt with just a couple drops of food coloring into a muffin pan. Stir it up and there you go. Textured Paint.

I found this plastic cupcake tray at the dollar store and have several ideas for it’s use.
We used the Styrofoam balls to create some unusual dots and lines. They also dried into art themselves. They looked like little planet Earths.
The kids had fun paining but really just liked to mix up the colors to make poop color. That’s my kids.
 I’m so proud..

Their team effort painting.

Then Lou fell onto the wet picture and we found out how easy it was to clean up so we made this banner for Father’s day. It wipes off super easy and cleanup was a breeze.

Our Father’s Day Banner


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