Summer Fun, Had Us a Blast. Summer Fun, Memories To Last – Song Parody

I was wanting to have a little fun with these pictures from Memorial Day and this particular song has been in my head thanks to a new commercial on tv… So here you go my first parody. I hope you enjoy it! I know it’s not quite summer yet but we started celebrating early. 
Can anyone guess what song we are parodying?
 Answer at the bottom.

Summer fun, had us a blast
Summer fun, memories to last
Two little girls, crazy as can be

And a boy make up my three

Childhood days drifting away
Not many left are those Summer days

They went swimming, the pool was so small

They didn’t all fit, they were just too tall

Still there was fun there to be found

He played baseball, swinging around

Summers sun, makes everything fun
And kids sleep better those summer nights

We went bowling and to the Arcade
We went walking, drank lemonade
Went to look at fixed up old cars
We stayed out to look at the stars

Childhood dreams mean everything
So let them learn and use their own wings

They were happy in thier small pool
Except the boy, who was too cool
He turns the eight on July eighteenth
They grow so fast you know what I mean

Summer heat, waters a treat
Let’s get wet every day of the week

Soon it will turn colder and summer will end
To school they will go back to their friends
So we are making our memories now
Enjoying every moment someway some how.

Summer memories are wonderful things
With my kids on those summer days
I  need more, just a few years more

We were going for a parody from Grease the song is Summer Nights. I did leave out some parts to make it fit better to my theme.

I hope you enjoyed our first attempt at a parody! 

Happy Blogging!