Recycle Throw Away Cups to use as Bubble Blowers

I have wrote about homemade bubbles before on the blog but I just wanted to show off these lovely pictures and share the idea we had.
We had a Memorial Day cook out and had cups sitting around all over the place. I love to reuse things so we washed them and tried to think of a craft to use them for. It was hard to concentrate on the creative thought process due to Lou’s screams on “Bubbles! Bubbles!” Then it hit me, she had a wonderful idea.
Then was born our bubble tube.

I cut the bottoms of the cups off with a sharp knife. Then we dipped the tips into the solution and let the wind create a giant bubble as it flew through the cup tunnel.
Also on an related note. A Pool Noodle makes a very nice bubble blower as well.

Happy Blogging!

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