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Glowing Obstacle Course Race

The real race took place later in the night after it was dark but I wanted to get some day time pictures so you could actually see what was going on.


Glowsticks galore. The more the better.
White Balloons
Two Pool Noodles
12 Soda Bottles
Two bigger balls for bowling
Two smaller balls for carrying under chin
Optional: Tent

Educational Benefits:

Gross Motor skills – Even older children need to work their large motor skills.
Thinking ahead to what activity is next. Planning for what comes next.
Achieving a goal.
Following directions.
Thinking creatively about the use of materials to achieve something new.

The Race

Part 1. Balloon Hop

Starting point was the balloon hop. Inside the white balloons were 3 glowsticks. Blow the balloon up first and slide the glowsticks in. May need to blow it up some more before tying. These were by far the coolest thing of the race. They lit up like lanterns in the dark.

Part 2. The Arch

Balloon hop to the arch. The arch gave me some issues and if I had it to do over again I would have gotten another connector but I didn’t and I didn’t want to drive the 20 minutes back to the Dollar Tree to get one so we just taped them together. The tape we had kinda sucked. So in retrospect I would say three connectors and better tape would have made this part of the race look alot better.

Part 3. Bowling

From the arch to bowling. We used 6 plastic drink bottles, each with a glowstick in it. For the actual race they each had a ball to bowl with.  We used books to help the bottles stand because they didn’t want to stay up on the grass.

Part 4. Hop Path

From bowling to the hop. On the ground where you can not see are glowsticks for them to hop over. This was not easily viewed in the daytime but they are there.

Part 5. Tent Tunnel

From hop path to the bus tent. This was the funniest thing because by the time they hit the tent they knew who was going to win. So the one in the back would always pretend to get stuck in the tent.

There was also the added obstacle of the toddler bus driver.

Part 6. Race to the Finish

After the bus were two light up balls. They were to pick up their ball and run from the bus to the finish line with the ball under their chin.

And the race was on!

After Dark

Night time came and they race through their light up obstacle coarse. I knew you would not be able to see the actual race as pictures in the dark were not that good.

The balloons were my favorite part.

The bowling pins

The light up arch

The Referee

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