Free Printable Paper Doll – Abby – Dressing up as Frozen

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Abby is a little girl who loves dressing up as her favorite characters. 
This week she is playing dress up in Frozen dresses.

When I was a little girl one of my favorite past times was paper dolls. 
I played with them and even made my own sometimes.
I wanted to share that with my girls. That is why I started this particular new series. 
Carebear loves to design dresses and she will be creating Abby a new wardrobe. Abby will also have lots of dress up clothes available whenever the mood strikes. When she is finished and has her wardrobe complete, I may consider making her a flash dress up doll. 
Abby is best when cut out and glued to cardboard if wished to reuse doll. Or you could just print the doll and allow the kids to decorate her themselves.
Click the pictures to make them bigger.
The Doll

This week Abby is dressed up as the Frozen characters due to the recent obsession that has overtaken my kids.
Here are the black and white versions for the kids to color themselves!

I hope you all enjoy Abby as much as we have enjoyed making her!
Have a great day!