Summer Fun with The Great Noodle Race

Looking for a fun activity for those older kids to play while out of school this summer?
All you need is buckets of water and a couple of pool noodles and your all set.
Bear has had an obsession with tv game shows that make people do odd things, so I made her up a game that was like something that would be on one of them shows. The kids had a blast and wanted to do it over and over again.
We call it:

The Great Noodle Race

Per Contestant
Pool Noodle
Water Supply
2 liter cut in half
We used the deck to play this game but could be done on the ground as well.
Arrange your buckets on the ground. We are using the same type of bucket so they can measure evenly.
They were side by side on the deck so I only gave them one water  supply to share. If they are spread out more either more supply stations can be provided or there should be an equal distance between all contestants and the supply station.
We cut the 2 liter bottles in half. Although any cup could be used, I wanted something extremely flexible so it could be maneuvered into a peak for better scooping and dumping the water.
The object of the game is to aim the end of the noodle over the bucket.
And pour water into one end while it comes out the other into the bucket on the ground.
First one to fill the bucket is the winner.
The winner is rewarded by dumping the bucket over the other’s heads.
Don’t forget the last one, it’s very important. 🙂
Happy Racing!

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