Free MadLib Printable Story for Kids

Free MadLib Printable Story for Kids

Here is a free madlibs work sheet for kids to use to create a funny story. My kids love madlibs. They can be done again and again and always get a laugh.


Fill in the blanks with a word that fits the description under the line.

Definitions of terms used:

  1. Noun – Object, person, or place. Ex Sally loves elephants.
  2. Verb – An action being preformed. Ex. She is dancing on the stage.
  3. Verb (past tense) – An action that has already occurred in the past. Ex. He stepped into the pool slowly.
  4. Adjective – Provides a description of a noun. Ex. The pretty girl wore a blue dress. 
  5. Adverb – Words that modify a verb, adjective, or another adverb. Often tell when, where, why, or how something happened. Ex. We are extremely excited about the roller coaster.

I hope you enjoy our story and create hundred of your own!
Part of the Mellonhead After School Project.

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