Creative Art – Macaroni Art Activity Splatter Paint Style

Creative Art

Macaroni Art Activity

Splatter Paint Style







Something to keep Macaroni from becoming a projectile… (I’m not sure this one is possible.. ūüôā but if you figure it out, I would like to know.)

The fun thing about Macaroni art is that it is completely open ended. There is no set picture to make. They can create whatever they want and it’s going to be art. They can use any color of paint they want, glue the macaroni any way they want, and paint any way they want.

To create the splatter effect, we took the brush dipped it into paint and swung it at the picture… yep we swung paint. It was fun, it was art, and it was super messy.

That is why they make sponges and Dawn dish detergent.

I will say that I have never received any compensation from Dawn for this statement I’m about to make, this is 100% my opinion and experience..

Dawn detergent rocks. 

I love the stuff. It can get tough stains out of laundry, clean anything, and is wonderful at dishes. The blue kind specifically. Add a little peroxide and you have homemade stain remover. Even works on Spaghetti stains. I know this isn’t a post about Dawn but if you do this activity you will need a good laundry stain remover and clean up helper.

Okay, advertising aside, back to the project.

Learning Benefits

Creative Art helps with imagination. 

Creative art is open ended and child directed. This does not include crafts, coloring sheets, or direction based projects.


Fine Motor Skills.

Fine motor skills activities encourage the use of the fine motors… Cutting with scissors is a great fine motor skill building activity. Don’t be afraid to give a kid scissors just be sure to watch them when they have them. Ground rules at our house is, scissors come out when mommy is around.


Hand Eye Coordination

Hand Eye coordination activities teach a child to get his hands to work with his eyes. This is an important skill to master.

Sensory activity

Sensory activities encourage the uses of the child’s senses. This activity encourages:

Touch (the feel of the macaroni, stickiness of the glue)

Sight (colors of the paint)

Sound (of the macaroni being shook in the pan, dry macaroni is loud)

Smell (the smell of the glue and paint is interesting)

Taste (she is a toddler after all…. and macaroni in little hands can make it to the mouth at lightening quick speeds. She was just¬†practicing¬†her hand mouth coordination, I suppose. I’m pretty sure she has mastered that skill except when eating actual food.)

Also a fitness activity for mommy. 

As any mother of a toddler knows, this one does not need a description.

Pictures taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phone..

¬†but don’t worry I picked up some batteries for the actual camera last night.¬†

Our Finished Artworks

Bear’s Masterpiece

I may be a little bias but I think this belongs in a art show somewhere.

Lou’s Masterpiece

Toddlers will have more fun playing in the macaroni bowl and may try to eat the materials. You have to watch those little hands they can be quick.

¬†Bub’s Masterpiece

I’m just shocked it wasn’t Minecraft related.

Happy Creating!!!

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