Thrift Store Find – Wooden Block Fun – MineCraft Sword, Castle, and More

 A couple of weeks ago we lucked upon a large bag of wooden craft blocks at a thrift store. Excitedly we purchased them and then promptly forgot them.

Till this week that is.

I posted this picture on Instagram

 with the question, “Can anyone guess what we have planned for this latest find?”

Now I’m going to answer that question.

We crafted with the craft blocks…. I know, your shocked aren’t you? You thought we were going to do something unique and creative… 

Well, the kids were pretty creative in what they picked to create.

 I just love these blocks. They can be used for so many things. Mostly we used them as a more creative way for Bub to express his love for MineCraft. These are perfect to create different minecraft related objects. His plan is create a full set of tools and some animals. 

I just need to get him some paint to paint them.

MineCraft Sword

The first thing Bub thought of when he seen these blocks was Minecraft. To be fair, it isn’t never far from his thoughts anyway.

 Final Picture

 Bub’s Mining Bricks

These are his blocks he made to pretend mine some emeralds and diamonds.

 Bear’s Castle

Bear couldn’t care less about Minecraft so she made a castle. She sure does love the glue…


And then we made our own dice to play in our own silly game we made up.

 Sad little block

These are unedited  Photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Smart Phone.