Teaching Kids About Recycling – Drink Lid Sensory or Water Bin

About two years ago I purchased a box of craft materials at a yard sale. Inside this box was a bag full of drink lids. I had no idea at the time what to do with them but as a bona fide hoarder, I couldn’t throw them away. Now two years later as I try to teach the children about waste, saving the planet, and reusing materials… I had an idea.

Drink Lid Sensory or Water Bin

I used an aluminum pan we saved from the trash to use for our sensory bins. 
We also put water in it after awhile and it turned into a whole new activity.
I was trying to show the kids how fast waste products can pile up if not recycled. 
This was a great time to talk about 


We talked about all the different things we can use these plastic lids for to keep them out of the trash. We also talked about why we separate our waste into recycling bins.
New word we learned:
from dictionary.com




capable of decaying through the action of living organisms: 

Other activities to use the lids for:

Robot Buttons

Math Games:

Sorting, Patterns, Tracing, Stacking, Counting, Adding, Subtracting…. endless possibilities.

Bingo Markers

Building Sculputures

Decorating Picture Frames

Stamping and Painting

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