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I wrote this for the Pampers post (psst…which is also a giveaway) but decided it didn’t belong there but I did spend alot of  time working on it so I’m a gonna put it here. 

I used to write poems all the time growing up. I even had one published on the back of a poetry book. Now Bear is writing poetry and things just seem like they are coming full circle. I love that she is so much like my little mini me. 
Although, I think every child is perfect and this wasn’t wrote about any specific child.  Just had to say that so when the kids read it they wouldn’t be like, “So you don’t think I’m perfect?” And it would happen.

 So kids when you read this, Mommy Thinks you are ALL perfect! 

The Perfect Child

Before you existed I often wondered about my future child
I had this image of my child I would one day have
Tidy and neat, cute and sweet
“The Perfect Child”
I seen you quite often in dreams mostly forgotten
Hair combed and clean, face shiny and scrubbed
Heart of Gold with a Wonderful Mind
The all around perfect child
Then your life began and inside me you started to grow
Again the images of you began to flow
I knew you would be smart, kind, and sweet
A beacon of hope to everyone you would meet
My absolutely perfect child
The day you were born as I held you so close
You taught me then the meaning of Love
Over powering, Unending, Unconditional Love
 You were my perfect child
You started to grow and taught me about life
To not take simple things for granted
Like sleep, warm food, or even clean clothes
Still you were my perfect child
You began to learn quickly and solid food you would eat
Debunking my thoughts you would always be neat
Messy, Sticky, and Sweet
Covered in food was my perfect child
You learned so much that first year
Sitting, Crawling, Walking, Climbing
Showing me your determination to learn and grow
Teaching me that falling down never meant not getting back up
I always knew you were the perfect child
So much changed after you were finally here
That hypothetical perfect child that I dreamed 
Wasn’t the child I truly wanted
My perfect child
Wasn’t so tidy or neat, 
your face often shiny but not always clean
Your nicely combed hair not even there
Yet You are my perfect child.
My sweet, silly, smart, caring, beautiful, kind, funny, messy, loving, crazy
Perfect Child.

Thank You From Becka!!
This Post was written by Becka M.

I’m just a multi-passionate Christian mom of three, who sews, crochets, crafts, and creates printable and educational materials. I love working in photography, digital art, graphics, and all things crafting. The LORD is my guide as I blog about my life.

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  1. I love writing poetry, I love reading poetry, and I love this poem when I read it on the pampers giveaway and I love it on its own post too. You are a great writer Becka! Keep the poems coming!

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