Left Over Easter Egg Kid Challege

While at the store I found a stack of Easter clearance. They had these jewel eggs which didn’t look like eggs and this little basket with Sophia the First shaped eggs in a Sophia basket. So to justify the purchase of Easter eggs after Easter, I placed a challenge to my kids….

The Challenge I introduced to the kids:

How Many Games Can You Think of Using Plastic Eggs?

The supplies used:

2 Dozen Plastic Eggs

4 Plastic Buckets

Hula Hoop

Party Hats

Plastic Play dishes

Challenge Participants:



Lou (well she was kinda there)

Game 1: Egg Toss

Each child was given the amount of eggs equal to the amount of buckets used. One egg was to land in each bucket. A Hula Hoop was used as a standing place.


Game 2: Egg Race

Both children were given a plate and an egg. Without touching the egg they were to race to the end of the yard and back.

Game 3: Guess The Eggs

Each child is given a party hat and places a set amount of eggs under it. Then each child guesses how many eggs are under the hat. If more children are involved one child can close their eyes while one child is selected to put an egg under their hat. The child who closed their eyes can then guess which of the children has the egg.

Game 4: Math Games

Color sequencing.

Color grouping.

Game 5: Egg in a Hat


Each child is given a party hat and an egg. They use the party hat to catch the egg and then throw it up into the air again.

Game 6: Gem Mining

This would have been a wonderful activity to use with a rice sensory box but alas no rice. So we used leaves. We hid the gems in leaves and then took turns digging them out.

Challenge Accepted and Conquered!

How many games can you think of to use with plastic eggs?

But really can you blame me? These jewels were just adorable. I think we need to get another box. I think we could use these to make something cute or it could just be the hoarder in me screaming, “MORE MORE”.

Happy Blogging!

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