I am TIRED. This Momma Needs a NAP!

Spring Breaks, Birthday Parties, Family Dinners, Church Revival….

This Momma is extremely tired. It has been such a busy weekend and is heading for a busy week.


This is revival week so afternoons are booked. Bear’s big Country Club dinner is Tuesday along with her award for getting in the Principal’s Club in AR scores. Bub has a ball game Tuesday as well. So no nap on Tuesday. Today is full and Wed is not looking promising for nap time.

It is a sad occasion when I realize I will have to actually add Napy Time to my schedule calender. When did life become SO busy?

Can I have a vacation day from mommyhood just to take a nap?

No sleep for the mommas I guess.
 Although apparently I was asleep Sunday morning when I let my daughter out of the house wearing those socks and shoes with that dress…

This weekend has been crazy busy but….
I did come to a couple of conclusions this weekend:

First of all, my daughter is high maintenance. Shopping with Bear is like being on one of them old game shows where they would put you in the store with a buggy and it was a race against time to fill the buggy up with as much junk as possible. She goes a little shopping crazy.

Secondly I think I will be following Lou to school to nurse her during lunch time. I do not see her slowing down at all and in fact I think it’s actually becoming worse. I’m not complaining although my husband would rather I quit. It would be okay with me if she didn’t think she had to sink her teeth into my skin to keep me from running away. I have teeth shaped caverns… It’s not pretty.

So I will continue on…. not making any sense… Sleep Deprived… Exhausted… Clinging only halfway to what sanity I have left.
Motherhood is wonderful… I just hope I can remember it through the fog.

Happy Blogging!

Thank You From Becka!!
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13 thoughts on “I am TIRED. This Momma Needs a NAP!

  1. That was what I thought when I seen it… minus the perfect hair, makeup, and size 2 figure that is. 🙂 That is wonderful that he would do that for you. 🙂 THANKS for visiting. I’m off to visit yours! 🙂

  2. The ability to sleep does return! Or so I’m told lol. Just wait until they’re teenagers and don’t want to get up in the morning. Waking them up super early to get ready for school or whatever will be kind of like your own little mama payback 🙂

  3. hahaha! On being a mom: If you’re not exhausted, you’re not doing it right! I agree, how did things become so hectic? I feel like I don’t have any time for myself anymore. I just want to go online and catch up on blogs I love and chat with people I adore. Like you. :[ I miss you Becka!!! Am I crazy?

  4. Haha I hope you get some sleep soon & that your week slows down a bit so you can relax. I’m stopping by from the blog hop and I’m a new follower. I hope you have a great Tuesday!

  5. Oh man, do I know about needing a nap or what?! I have been pretty tired over here too! So much going on. Ugh! That’s why I can’t wait to be old and be able to fall asleep whenever I want!

  6. I know I have missed you too!!! Although those toddlers are a full time job. It’s crazy if you leave them alone for a minute your cleaning markers off their tongues or paint off the furniture..

  7. I know. I have a feeling when I get to that part I will be falling asleep and wishing I could stay awake lol. life is cruel in that aspect.

  8. That picture is perfect. Hopefully, you will be able to get some rest before the kids turn 18.

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