Carebear’s Pinterest Unworthy Colorful Birthday Bash

Well today was the BIG day. My little girl’s 9th Birthday party. Although her actual birthday was last week we waited till this weekend to throw her birthday bash.

I’ll admit, I am a bad blogger. I didn’t look at Pinterest and try any cutesie ideas for her party. It was just a normal party similar  to all the other eight she has had in the past.
This one just had a few less mustaches than last year’s Tyedye Mustache Party.
First of all, I didn’t bake anything, I went the lazy route with store bought cupcakes. I sent Bear out with Granny and specific instructions to get specific cupcakes because most of the kids won’t eat chocolate cake and I had a beautiful cupcake holder I was wanting to use. They brought this thing back and threw all my plans out the window. It was her party so I had to swallow my complaints and put my cupcake holder to a different use. We used it to hold the bubble favors we were giving out. It actually turned out rather cute.

The theme was “Colorful”


We even had umbrellas for the drinks. These were my one concession when we were shopping and Bear was grabbing all this hula stuff. Such as blow up trees and hula necklaces. If she had chosen a hula theme we could have done it up right because that was the most readily available party decorations at any store we went to.


There is the food table below. The bowls on the sides of the cupcakes are for chips.
 There was a drink table too but I seemed to have forgotten to take pictures of it.
My favorite part of the table was how everything fit together. And these sucker flowers. I love how these added lots of color and decoration. This was my one crafty idea I did work on for the party.


So we may not have had a blog worthy party with pinterest worthy pictures but we had ALOT of fun and she came out of it $40 richer with a bag of art supplies. So if my children are happy… I am one happy mother.
It is just kinda difficult to think that I have a 9 year old. Next year we go double digits and it is kinda terrifying me.
I will have to start planning Lou’s party now. She isn’t old enough to tell me what she wants so I can go crazy. I didn’t realize the luxury of being able to force a party theme on a child was so fleeting. I’m thinking “Mimmie Mouse”.

Happy Blogging.

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3 thoughts on “Carebear’s Pinterest Unworthy Colorful Birthday Bash

  1. This is so sweet, and like the birthdays I remember having as a kid. And never, never, never say you are a “bad blogger!” You are juggling so many things that it’s amazing you have time to put together such a great online presence. I’m glad Carebear loved her day, and honestly, that matters so much more than Pinterest, doesn’t it? Great job, mama!

  2. Aw! This is sweet, I love the color theme and I think it came out great! My mom is the queen of party on a budget and I am a real believer that you dont have to spend a lot to make big things happen. Who cares that you didnt make the cupcakes? Who has time for that when LouLou is hunting you down for lunch. lol Double digits is scary :[

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