Minecraft Sword Craft for Kid’s

Mutiny Monday (Sort of)

Today’s kids take over post is brought to you by Bub. An aspiring Mine-craft expert who would be a millionaire if being addicted to Mine-craft was a viable job.

We were out and about and he saw a foam Minecraft sword which he loved but he had already spent his money on other various Minecraft toys this past weekend. He decided to make his own.

Now Bub is a 7 year old boy who isn’t the most creative when it comes to art. His creativity lays in the department of getting people to do what he wants. Such as me typing this because he decided he wanted to but then didn’t. Lazy little bug.

First he made a square out of cardboard… If you are wondering what the dark places are, we used a pizza box as it was made of very thick and strong cardboard.

After he made his square he traced it adding squares where he wanted. This is what he had after cutting everything out.

After he had his shape cut, he glued construction paper squares where he wanted to colors to be. Some of them were not as square as others. I love how it turned out and I think he did a lovely job. It will make a great wall decoration.

He is already planning a pick axe now.

This was him working on a red dagger to go with his sword. He didn’t know I was going to take this picture or else I wouldn’t have gotten it.

Did anyone notice my poor cracked phone laying there? Advice to those who are phone shopping. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phones are nice and I love mine but they have a lot of charging issues and break fairly easily. That happened when Lou grabbed it off the desk and dropped it around a foot and a half to the ground.

What did your Monday afternoon consist of?

Thank You From Becka!!

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  1. I DID NOTICE THE PHONE! And Hey! WTH! I had a galaxy and it had the same charging issues! It had to be switched out. I hope they see this and fix it! lol This is a pin worthy craft, thanks for sharing and here’s to hoping it leads to millionaire status! HEY IT CAN HAPPEN!

  2. We have been trying to moderate him and he is having actual withdraw symptoms. I am beginning to worry. He woke up this morning and ran to the computer, when I told him no, he went back to bed. Thank you. It is actually slightly an educational craft with counting the squares and putting them where they go. Probably the only good part about minecraft is that it can be educational.

  3. I’m outing myself here a little, but I love Minecraft! I’m a bit jealous about the sword. I could probably come up with about 15 reasons why Minecraft is good for kids, and people in general, but I might be biased.