Baseball, Wills, and Stickers… Oh My…

So after reading the suggestions to improve my blog posts I rewrote my weekend review post… Short sweet and to the point. I could get used to this…

What’s up Mellonheads?
Glad you asked.

Baseball season has started again!!

Bub is quite excited. Although I feel guilty but I am not as excited as usual.
Along with the start of the season we received some horrible and terrifying news… I just can’t believe it myself…

They are going to be wearing WHITE pants…

Whose idea was that? Let’s put a bunch of young boys in white pants on a field and encourage them to slide in the dirt. Genius. I think that person has a secret hated of mothers.

On another note. His team sponsor is a funeral home, not joking.

Bear wrote out her will this weekend.

I’m not sure where that came from but I will be inheriting a nice set of biographies from famous women in history. Lucky me.

 Now for some highlights from this weekend’s Lou reel:

Lou’s Moments:

She has a new song where she sings I Love You and points to everyone in the room.
Silly Mommy put on her Minnie Mouse shirt to sleep in, she yanked it off and threw it at me while giving me down the road in a foreign language which I assume meant, “Stupid Mommy, it is not Minnie time, it’s Doc Stuffin time.”
I picked her up from Granny’s house this weekend covered in head to toe heart stickers. She would not allow me to remove said stickers and although they mostly feel off in the tub, she still has heart shaped dirty sticky spots that I can not get off.
Uncle tried to give her juice, she took it out of his hand, threw it onto the floor and then walked over and kicked it for good measure. After which she looked at him pointed her little finger and said, “No No No.” So I’m guessing it was a No to the juice.

and lastly….

There is always a question to what the heck happened when the toddler comes running through the house screaming, “Hide Me, Hide Me, Hide Me….”

So there you have it….
What did you do this weekend?

Thank You From Becka!!

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6 thoughts on “Baseball, Wills, and Stickers… Oh My…

  1. HAHAHAHAAHA Omg. I’ve been so freaking busy the past 2 weeks I’ve had little time to visit some of my fave blogs and this was the first post I read this morning..omg, so funny. I’m so glad I came over! The juice kick, the funeral home, the white’s hilarious. Kids keep life from being boring, that’s for sure!

  2. Oh, I feel you on the white pants! I think whoever came up with that idea did it just because of their own sick humor lol. Nicholas isn’t old enough for baseball yet but I won’t even put the kid in white clothes just to play! I just refuse to do that to myself 🙂

  3. 🙂 No they sure don’t. Boring is far from life with kids. 🙂 I’m glad you came by,

  4. They could go into toddler protection program together. We could pack them their little hobo packs and send them off. 🙂

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