Nerf Rebelle House Party Party

It was such a shock when I seen the email “You have been selected to Host!” I think for a moment I kinda thought I was seeing things. My daughter wanted to do this party so much that we were thinking about going out and getting the stuff and having it anyway. She was so excited when I told her we were selected that she bounced with energy, even through The Great Stomachtastrophy of 2014 ( the stomach virus that has been running rampant in the house this past two weeks).
Then we began to wait.
Waiting is the hardest part for these kids. They lack the virtue of patience. To make waiting easier I let them start to plan the party. So if we have the party they have planned it will probable be the biggest bash ever. We will not be having the party the planned, but I think it will still be a great party. No clowns to be targets, no bouncy house headquarters, sorry kids it’s not going to happen.
Then one day I came home to find a box on my front porch. This was inside:

I love the colors. Although I’m kinda on the fence here. I love the colors but it brings to question, Why does everything made for a girl have to be mostly pink and purple? Quality-wise, they are pretty solid. We have always been Nerf fans so I didn’t expect anything else.

They couldn’t wait till the next weekend to play, so they had their first of many training sessions.

Bear already knows she will be the Captain of team Rebelle, she has declared it. They shot the bullets up into the air, at our cars, at the house, and at us. They just had themselves a good time.
 Thank you House Party and Nerf, my kids actually played TOGETHER for a whole afternoon! 

Disclaimer: We received Nerf Rebelle from House Party to throw a party for My kids and 10 of their friends. The party is set for this weekend! We didn’t have to do a review and it was not requested but we wanted to share. All opinions are our own.  
Thank You From Becka!!
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6 thoughts on “Nerf Rebelle House Party Party

  1. My father-in-law bought my kids bow and arrow sets for Christmas. Admittedly I thought he was crazy, but they LOVE them! I hope your party is a last!!

  2. My niece LOVES these! I have the same question about the pink and purple everything. It makes me want to gag. Of course, I’m very much into non-gender specific toys. A friend of mine had a nerf war at work the other day. Should we plan an adult only nerf war? I think that sounds fun!

  3. THIS SOUNDS SO FUN! Congratulations- I cant wait for Dylan to be old enough to play like this. Another reason he needs a sibling (or two). I am with you on the pink thing- I am not big on pink at all. Bear looks like a very serious contender- I want to be on her team! I wish I had nerfs at work to shoot around lol

  4. They are alot more fun than even I had anticipated especially the bow. 🙂 Thanks we are looking forward to it.

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