Easy Minecraft Creeper Sculpture Craft for Kids

  Easy Minecraft Creeper Sculpture Craft for Kids

We used Sculpey to create this cute little guy.

You can get Sculpey at Walmart. It’s white clay that you bake to harden. These are not going to hold up to a whole lot but they are super cute and really easy to make.

I won’t mention the educational factor but these would be great shape practice.

His head is a square. We rolled them with a rolling pin to smooth them out some.

His body is a rectangle.

His legs was one big square cut in to fourths.

Then we baked him.

Painted him solid green and added a few different shades of green squares

(can’t tell it too much from pictures)

The face was drew on, after he was dry, with a Sharpie.

And here he is with Steve. We didn’t make Steve (I know it’s just SOO hard to tell that). Steve is Bub’s favorite toy at the moment. He is really into the Minecrafting.


Happy Crafting!

Thank You From Becka!!

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