A Toddler Jumper Sewing Attempted Tutorial “Lou’s St. Patrick’s Day Jumper”

The internet has been out due to the abnormally strong winds the last couple days so I have had to make other use of my time since my family has decided I am not allowed to sleep. I tried to take enough pictures to make this a tutorial to help people out but I don’t think I took any of the sewing process. Well here goes….

 Lou’s St. Patrick’s Day Jumper
The finished Dress

First I started by making the Shamrock. I had some heart cookie cutters that I found on the sale sale rack from Valentine’s day. I used the size I wanted and traced three right next to each other on the back side of my green fabric. I added the stem and then cut it out.

I then cut my dress pieces out. I used a dress Lou already had that fit well. I folded it in half and traced it. I elongated the shoulder area to create straps. I made 4 of these. I did cut the front 2 pieces a little deeper but that really isn’t necessary. 

Before I went any further I picked my front piece and sewed on my shamrock. Zig zag stich all the way around. A tip when sewing on appliques if you get to a turning point. Put your needle into your fabric and lift the foot turn the fabric and put your foot down. This keeps your fabric in place during a turn.

This is where I stopped taking photos. 

I took the four pieces I cut and separated them into two sets of one front and one back.

I then put each set wrong sides together and sewed the sides together from the bottom of the under arm to the bottom of the dress. I did this four times and you will have what looks like two dresses. Then place turn the liner right side out and put it inside the front dress. This would make their right sides touching inside the dress.

Next I sewed the top of the jumper liner and front together all the way around. The right sides of the dress should be inside touching each other and wrong sides should be on the outside. Clip your corners (VERY important and easier to go ahead and do and not have to go back after you get the whole dress turned and do it.

Then turn the whole jumper to where the front is on the outside and the liner is on the inside for the whole dress. This includes the straps. 

I made a top stitch around the top of the outside of the jumper. I used a jizjag stitch around but that is pretty much optional.

I then used a zigzap stitch to sew double found bias tape around the bottom instead of hemming the jumper because I’m lazy like that and I wanted to add more green to it.

The Shamrock Buttons
I purchased some Sculpey from Walmart. I have another project in the works involving this as well but I wanted Shamrock buttons for the jumper so I thought we would try this stuff.
I made heart shapes and then smooshed them together. I poked the holes with the paintbrush before baking. There they are before and after painting. I thought they turned out kinda cute. In hindsight and as advice. I should have made the holes closer together.

In all I think it turned out cute. I’m going to put it with a green turtle neck and green tights. I also have some green hair bows.

Thank You From Becka!!
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  1. That’s lovely. I haven’t even thought about st patrick’s day crafts yet. Oops. Adele @ Mammy Made

  2. OMG I LOOOOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even like that you used green font for this post. This is so precious! I wish I had a girl to sew this for. Oh and I also wish I could sew. lol I’m pinning it regardless

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