Living Life Unplugged One Day At A Time

Yesterday, I decided to take the day off. A day off is a good thing every once in a while. It helps too regain perspective and to rebuild determination. I enjoy blogging, I love social media but sometimes a little too much. My kids come first as they always will and should. A day off with them although isn’t detrimental to the blog is wonderful for the children.  I left my phone home at the request of my husband, it felt odd. I felt unclothed, like I had left a piece of myself behind. That tells me that I am too connected and I have things I need to work on.

We had such a wonderful day. Just being together as a family is more fun than any thing I can think of. We went to the flea market which isn’t much of a flea market but more of a mini mall with a couple of yard sales out front. Then we went and picked up Bub some new Nike baseball shoes which he loves. After that we went to pick out a new bat and helmet for Bub. Bear got herself a plastic bat and ball set to play with outside at home and some other junk  stuff she said she needed *cough* Hoarder *cough*. Lou grabbed a little stuffed bunny and held on with all her might. His name is now Nono. 
When we had purchased everything we needed we went to play outside at Granny’s house, which is like having a private park. Then we came home and I cooked chicken and some other really good stuff like smashed red potatoes. I would love to share this recipe with you, it was heavenly. 

1 pack of Ritz (or similar) smashed into dust
1 egg 
loads of good ol fattening butter 

I smashed the Ritz and mixed them in the melted butter and egg.
I them dipped the chicken in the mixture and baked at the 400 till done. 

So we had a wonderful day just the five of us. We have already made plans next weekend to go to Chimney Rock for the day. I will take pictures of that trip because that place is pretty great. I don’t have any pictures of today’s festivities because the kids made me promise no photos. I did snap one of the food but shh… don’t tell them.

Thank You From Becka!!
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4 thoughts on “Living Life Unplugged One Day At A Time

  1. I’d love to have a day off! And you sure are right, it would feel so great and liberating to be “unplugged” even for a while. I even designated one whole day OFFLINE for myself but looks like I haven’t done it yet. It’s nice that you have this kind of idea, it brings you closer to your family for sure. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great day Becka! Eli has been sick all week, and I was already really behind with blog stuff AND crochet stuff, but I’ve taken a mini break this week and just stopped worrying about it all. I was stressing like crazy and this week I’ve just kind of put it out of my mind and worked a little when I could and just spent the week with my sick boy. It feels so much better not stressing over the little stuff.

  3. Sounds like a fun day offline. We do need that every once in awhile! It is liberating to not feel tied to a computer or screen!

    That recipe looks great. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linky 10. Are you in NC? Noticed you were going to Chimney Rock.

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