What to Expect to Find on this Mommy Blog…

First off, apparently I have NO idea about making this SEO thing work and google hates me so you probably clicked a link I have shared. 🙂 I just wanted to say 

Thank You!!!
You are so much appreciated!!
I think I can officially say I am a Mommy Blogger. I own up to the title. I am proud to call myself a Mommy Blogger because Mommies rule the world. I also like being a mommy blogger, it is so much more versatile than a craft blogger! So if you haven’t noticed I have a new tag line… 
A Mommy Blogger with a Crafty Side.

What to expect during your visit to this mommy blog?
1. Pictures : I’m a photo obsessed Mom-arazzi. I chase these kids of mine around with a camera so much they sometimes stop in the middle of playing and pose out of habit.
2. A in general up beat and pleasant attitude: I save all my grumpy rants for my husband who probably wishes I would just get on here and share them instead. Occasionally, I may be a tad on the sarcastic side of things but only in a good way.
3. Stories about my kids and the things I find funny they do. My kids are what makes me a Mommy Blogger. Plus as a mommy should be, I’m just bursting with so much pride. It would be unfair to the world to not share these wonderful little gifts from God with everyone! 
4. A few crafting ideas: I have a crafty side. I like to create and share. That was the one reason I created a blog in the first place. I’m a sharer and my family is not a craft interested bunch so they were not fun sharing to. 
5. Some Product Reviews: Us mommy bloggers are in high demand. We are scouted like top celebrities (not me exactly but Mommy Bloggers in general). FINALLY! The rest of the world has figured out what we tell our kids on a daily basis, WE KNOW EVERYTHING!
6. Stories about poop. This Mommy deals with someone else’s poop at least twice a day. That is a low estimate. I have three children and I’ve changed thousands of diapers. After dealing with poop that much, poop becomes not only a normal occurrence but a perfectly viable topic of conversation.

What will you never find on this mommy blog?
1. Bad Language. If I don’t want my kids to say it, I will not be saying it.

2. Nudity or embarrassing pictures. Self explanatory. Not going to happen. 
3. My husband. He isn’t a big fan of the blogging scene. 
4. Stolen content. I can make up my own stuff. I may however steal ideas…. like a certain minecraft birthday party idea from a certain mad mommy that is definitely going to happen but never content for this blog. If I can’t think of nothing to say I just won’t say anything at all.
5. Professional anything. I would love to be able to take professional pictures but the fact of the matter is. I am Not a Professional. I am a mother of three blogging on a 10 year old pc, a little black camera and a Samsung galaxy s4 phone while avoiding household chores like the plague. Take it or leave it, that is what I am.
So now you know what to expect and not expect. I would love if you would stay and connect with me on other networks. I’m a social media girl, at times. 
So I wave my Mommy Blogger flag high in the air. 
Happy Blogging!

This Post was written by Becka M.

I’m just a multi-passionate Christian mom of three, who sews, crochets, crafts, and creates printable and educational materials. I love working in photography, digital art, graphics, and all things crafting. The LORD is my guide as I blog about my life.

10 thoughts on “What to Expect to Find on this Mommy Blog…

  1. Awwww, Becka! I like you even more after reading this. Hey, there, it’s Courtney from The Brown Girl with Long Hair blog. (I somehow missed this page last week when I visited your blog for the first time via the linky party…) And thank you for your recent follow-back on Twitter!

    I’m glad we’ve connected.

    Happy SITS Day, and enjoy all the love!

  2. Becka, I love your about page! I’m totally going to read more of your blog because I feel like a know you already! And by the way, happy SITS Day!

  3. Good luck with your new changes to your blog! I was a mommy-blogger for a while, and I think you’ll find that there is ALWAYS something to write about! 🙂

  4. I love your tone and your philosophy! Plus, as the fur mommy version of a “Mom-arazzi” (I guess a Pup-arazzi?), I can’t help but love someone who loves their kids!

  5. Hi Becka! Happy SITS day. The whole SEO thing is still a mystery to me too. Have you ever looked at some of the search terms that send people to your site? Its pretty funny what Google does sometimes. Hope you gave a great day 🙂

  6. Hello Becka, Happy SITS day! I love the look and feel of your blog and your personal beliefs.

  7. Great intro! My hubby isn’t a fan of blogging either, but I snuck a picture of him up on Monday! He doesn’t read it, so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?!

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