Life Should Come with Cheat Codes

Bub rarely lets me take his picture so I’m happy to have this one.
Life Should Come with Cheat Codes
Earlier Bub and I were playing a video game together. He is really good at video games and usually bests me but today I turned the cards on him and I was almost winning. I wasn’t quite there yet but my chances looked good. So all of a sudden he pulls a random cheat code he has memorized out and BAM there goes my chances of winning. I never really thought about it but he has an excellent memory when he wants to. He is my son and like me he remembers what interest him and forgets all the other stuff even if it’s important. He does have his daddy’s logical and mathematical side but the rest of his genetic code is a mirror image of mine all the way down to the techno side.
 I always have fun playing different games with him and we usually do search to see if there are any cheat codes online. I went through a The Sims phase when it first came out but couldn’t ever play without the infamous simoleans cheat code. Sadly I admit, I was really deep into that game. I mean have my own website with custom content deep. Although I was just a teen at that time. Where did all that extra time go? I can honestly say I never played one family without a cheat code first. I think this just shows that underneath all this go with the flow attitude is really a very impatient lazy person, who wants it all for little time or effort. That may just have described most of the actual real life population. We all want more for less. It is just human nature. Who is going to do twice the work for half the pay if he had the option to do half the work for twice the pay?
Just thinking about cheat codes…   Wouldn’t it be nice if real life had special codes to make things less tedious. What if you could jump left twice, bend, twist, and hop three times and the house would mysteriously be spotless? Or you could scream MONEY and all of the sudden your bank account goes up thousands of dollars?
I suppose that working for something and earning it is a better lesson to learn and, you know, the way the real world works. But it’s nice to dream about the easy way out sometimes. Especially when your elbow high in what could only be considered toxic waste while it’s creator laughs and tries to escape as you are trying to remove said waste and replace a clean pull up on them. Where is the easy button then? Or at least the second set of hands to hold the little pair that is trying to either hold onto their creation or throw it at me, not sure which.
I’m not sure on the lesson he is learning about cheating and taking the easy way out… That my friends, is a conundrum for another day. 
Conundrum… such a funny word.

  1. co·nun·drum
    1. 1.
      a confusing and difficult problem or question.
      “one of the most difficult conundrums for the experts”
      synonyms: problem, difficult question, difficultyquandarydilemma

Quandary is kinda a funny word too…

I’ve done left the path of logical thinking so I’m going to say,

Have One Big Gigantic Wonderfully Happy Day! 🙂

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