Our Attempts at Science Slime Making and The Naked Egg

This weekend we decided to try all these fun looking activities that have been floating around.

Sime Making and The Naked Egg

Here are our results.

First we soaked two eggs in vinegar for 3 days.

This was so cool. The egg looked and felt like plastic. So we tried to bounce it…. you can see what happened.

Then we attempted to enter the slime making business. I however feel we are not going to be cut out for it.


Too much Borax…. We call this one the Rainbow Ball. It was kinda bouncy but I think our glue was old because it fell apart quickly.

Attempt 2

Still too much Borax but this one was more like a silly putty consistency…

Carebear found out when she put it in a tube that she could get it to make pooting noises. Why do kids find bodily functions so funny?

Attempt 3:

Ummm….. No comment.

I suppose that is what Science is all about, Experimentation and Exploration.

What did we learn?

Just like in cooking, if you don’t follow the directions in science you end up with something that looks like blue dog poop.

Will we try again?

You bet!

This Post was written by Becka M.

I’m just a multi-passionate Christian mom of three, who sews, crochets, crafts, and creates printable and educational materials. I love working in photography, digital art, graphics, and all things crafting. The LORD is my guide as I blog about my life.

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