7 Saint Patrick’s Day Rainbow Skill Building Activities for Kids


Usually about this time of year my class room would be covered in rainbows. First I would trace each child’s hand-print and we would make a rainbow out of hand-prints ending in a pot of gold on one side with their pictures in the gold.
I don’t have an actual picture but I made this to represent the idea.
Then we would make Leprechauns and color them so they could dance the room around.
This was always one of my favorite holidays because of all the fun and silliness we could get into.
Even now as a mother and no longer a teacher, I still like to get into the holidays. We have lots of fun at home.
Here are some of the ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
Leprechaun hunts
If the weather is nice I like to take the kids outside. Before hand I will leave special clues or prizes in hiding places. These little clues will lead us to the pot of gold. Which is really a witches pot from Halloween filled with golden wrapped chocolates or in this case chocolates that look like casino chips but you get the idea.
Gross Motor Activity and Logical Thinking Skill Builder
This year I couldn’t find gold so apparently the Leprechaun we will be chasing has a little bit of a gambling problem.
Rainbow Paintings
We make our own finger paint.
Same amounts of Flour and water a pinch of salt and food coloring.
Fine Motor Activity
 Marsh-mellow Water Color Painting
 We took large marshmellows and made a solution of water and food coloring.
Fine Motor Activity
Rainbow dyed rice 
I took rice and put it into separate baggies with vinegar and food coloring.
The kids loved mixing them up. They also got to see how red and blue make purple and how red and yellow make orange.
Sensory Activity


Green Ribbon Dancer
This is made out of a tube and streamers. Lou Lou loved the flow of the ribbon dancer.
Gross Motor Activity


Rainbow Collage
We like to make collages. We tore paper into small pieces and made a picture with them.
 Fine motor activity.

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