Candy Melt Heart Shaped Valentine Gift

I have found my latest interest. 
Candy Melts
These things are awesome! We purchased a pack of marshmallow flavored candy melts a while ago and they were inedible and nasty, so we didn’t buy any more till this past weekend. I found this beautiful red silicone hearts mold in the after Valentine’s Day sale and wanted to try it out. I picked up a pack of red Candy Melts and thought that it was worth it just to play with the mold. I will be the first to say the vanilla ones are so good but WAY sweet.
We added them to a heart shaped box which Carebear decorated and gave them to her Granny and Papaw. So granted this was a week after Valentine’s day but the gesture was still meant the same. 
I have already planned several more posts on what they can be used for, as is usual when I get into a phase. 
Aren’t these just the cutest candy?

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