The Great Mommy-hood Guilt Trip

I’ll be the first to admit that:
I am not perfect. 
That sentence should stand alone. I will never be perfect because perfection is not a possibility to a  human being. Perfection is of God. Does that mean I don’t try my best, I sure do, everyday but I fall short. I fail. I fall down. I give in to temptation often, especially the kind that comes covered in chocolate. I do things I know I should not do, such as avoid laundry like the plague. I am just a woman.
Tonight, I was tired. I knew I was tired but I thought I could keep going like that little pink bunny that used to run all over the tv. I had plans that didn’t involve falling asleep at 7. The kids didn’t have a bath yet, Bub was still working on spelling word practice, Carebear was reading a book or pretending to read of which I’m not sure and Lou began was rubbing her eyes. I thought I could get the baby down early and then get up and spend some time with the older kids, I was wrong. I woke up and it was middle of the night. The older kids had put themselves to sleep, although I have no idea when. Bub was still in his clothes and every tv in the house was on. No bath, no hugs, no good night stories, no kisses, no pajamas… No mother. I feel like a horrible mother.
These two older children are a wonder at planing, driving, and facilitating a lot of Mommy-hood Guilt Trips around here. They use whatever mean necessary to achieve the desired destination, mommy being their maid, slave, or playmate. The usual phrase is, “But your ALWAYS on your phone or on the computer.” To which I say, yes unfortunately I spend too much time online and that is true, I try to limit my time to nights and mornings but occasionally somethings need to be done and running a blog is time consuming and hard work. So it usually works as a good hot poker soaked with a thick layer of guilt juice. This is the one thing they say that really gets to me. I know I spend to much time online, I know I should spend more time offline yet I am not neglecting them as they would have you think I promise.
The other phrase I hear often is, “But you won’t (insert unusual and ridiculous request here such as playing xbox at 2 in the morning) for your only son? Your only son!” Yes son you are my only son and I love you but I’m not going to go with you to college to make sure you have on pants so it might be a good idea to start learning to pick out your own clothing choices now. And as far as that goes, does that mean I love my daughters any less because I have two? 
Although this early morning as I sit here in the darkness after they have had to put themselves to sleep, I feel I have most assuredly arrived at my destination in the town of guilt. I want to be one of those mothers from tv shows like Leave it the Beaver or The Brady Bunch. Although, thinking back I can’t think of one show that the mother actually played with her children. At least their houses were clean. I often fail at that as well which is apparent by the stack of (insert any household chore here) awaiting my attention. 
We are each given only so much time and with it the decision on how to use that time. There is never enough time to do everything you want or need to do, so prioritizing is key. I fail to understand the concept of priorities sometimes. Sometimes, I allow my children to eat desert first. Sometimes, I give into the playing at the park after school instead of the million other things we should be doing. Sometimes, I say cleaning can wait because I would rather sit and watch Spongebob reruns with the kids. And sometimes, I choose to get on my blog and write instead of doing the hundred other tasks that are lined up ready to be done. One day I will get to them but it doesn’t look like that day is today. 
So do your kids try to drive you to the land of guilt? 
By the way I love that pink car. 
Sorry, I seen it and was like PINK CAR and kind of felt like the dog in Up. Once I seen it my line of thinking was altered. Distraction and ignorant bliss are my friends and we talk often. 🙂
Now to go make some guilt muffins, chocolate chip with white chocolate chunks. 

This Post was written by Becka M.

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10 thoughts on “The Great Mommy-hood Guilt Trip

  1. I spend way too much time online too, and I really need to change it. No matter what I’m doing, it’s not worth giving up the time with my family.

  2. You sound awesome to me! I too spend too much time online an not nearly enough keeping a clean house. That is OK because my family and kids are HAPPY, HEALTHY and LOVED! I just admit to myself and everyone I’m a bad housekeeper and I don’t feel guilty because it is true, LOL!

  3. Oh, I think every mom feels like this sometime or another. I know I certainly have. It hurts a little when my children think I am on my phone too much and I try really hard to limit my time to only nights but sometimes I just get so behind.. If only there were more hours in the day? That would be great!
    Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are doing a great job. You are a GREAT mother.

  4. Leave It To To Beaver and The Brady Bunch didn’t have computers—they had black and white TVs with only three channels. These “perfect” moms let their kids watch hours of the tube while they did stuff around the house or chatted over the fence with the neighbors. Don’t feel guilty. You are a mom of several kids and you are battling fatigue and stress. It happens to all of us. You can do something nice this weekend with the kids and spend some quality time with them then. 🙂

  5. When you said “I cant think of one show that the mother actually played with her children. At least their houses were clean” I couldn’t help but crack up. My house starts out semi-decent on Monday (after Sunday’s clean up) and by Thursday night, I just want to move out and never look back because it’s a freaking disaster. We really don’t have all the time in the world and if you gave all your time to your kids, they wouldn’t want you there 24/7 anyway. Kids definitely know how to take you to guilt city- but only let it be a pit-stop for a refuel then drive back home because you’re doing the best you can. You’re a mother, yes, but you’re also a person. And so what if you spend time online and blog, that’s YOUR time to be you and not just mom. Spending that time on yourself makes you a more pleasant mom. You cant be everything all the time, it’s hard! GREAT post!

  6. Definitely hard to find balance. I have to blog and do homework, cook and clean, wash and dry, and still find time for my munchkins.

  7. My son is almost 7 and he is great at doing the guilt trip. It’s actually funny sometimes and at other times sad. When the latter happens, I drop everything and watch a movie with him or one of his favorite TV shows. Thank you for linking up to Traffic Jam Weekend.

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