Up cycled Tshirt into Toddler Romper

Carebear purchased this adorable Minnie Mouse shirt for summer last year. She is really particular about the fit of her clothes and it didn’t pass her test. So she didn’t wear it. I didn’t really want to go through the trouble of returning it so she gave it to Lou Lou. It was really way to long even for Lou Lou to wear as a night gown. Not to mention the arms holes were big enough for Lou to stick her head through. So I took it and turned it into this romper for her. I think she looks adorable!

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5 thoughts on “Up cycled Tshirt into Toddler Romper

  1. I freaking hate returning things. It’s awesome that you can transform your potential returns into something else! Rompers are my favorite for kids- my husband thinks I need to stop putting Dylan in rompers but it’s not happening. lol

  2. This turned out great!! I hate returning this too. Much better when you can just make it into something else.

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