Nuby’s Fish Swoosh™ Review

Nuby’s Fish Swoosh™

Nuby’s Fish Swoosh™ is another one of Nuby’s fantastic bath toys. My kids love this game. They have stuck it to the stand alone shower wall and now I can’t get them out of the shower. As soon as I get one out the other is getting in. They have always been water bugs so anything bath time related is usually a hit with them but this game was awesome fun.

Nuby’s Fish Swoosh is basket ball with little fish squirters. There is a way to close the bottom of the hoop or open it so the fish fall all the way through. I would love to show you all the fun they were having but as a rule I do not take pictures in the bathroom. I would never want to put something up and the kids feel some form of embarrassment from what I have done now or in the future. Unless I mean to embarrass them, like when they bring home someone that I can crack out the baby pictures for.

Nuby’s Fish Swoosh came with three plastic fish squirters. My son said his favorite was the blue and no one else was allowed to play with the blue fishie because his name is Arthur and he belongs to Bub. They are kinda cute looking in their bright colors and happy tongue sticking out faces.

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I received the Nûby™ Wacky Ware™ for review as part of the Nuby Mommy Bloggers Program. All opinions are strictly mine and what I interpret Lou Lou’s to be. 🙂

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