To Share or Not to Share? That is the Question. Sharing Children’s information on the internet…

     Today, I have been reading different posts about sharing children’s information or not sharing any information which has seemed to become THE topic of the day. To share or not to share? One particular post was about a family who registered a url, facebook and other for their unborn daughter to try  to hide her entirely from being online. The fear of facial recondition software and the child’s future college application was their reasoning. I feel that is a little extreme but done out of love. They may be protecting her from the now visibility of their child but they are robbing her of finding her own way when she is older. Also, who knows if facebook and the like will even exist in ten to fifteen years. But they are as entitled to their opinion as I am to mine. There is no one right way.
     I know I put alot about my kids up on the blog but I have guidelines of my own I go by and that is my choice, good or bad, right or wrong. I may be robbing them of being able to hide online in an internet driven age but I make sure the older ones are OK with the information I share and as Lou Lou ages she will be consulted as well. I am careful to only share what I would want to be shared about me. I do not share bathroom, changing, embarrassing, or diaper pictures. I would not want my kids to grow up and be embarrassed because of something I said or did on this blog. I speak mostly about my own experiences and I try to only say the good things. We all know that motherhood is a up and down gig. Some days are wonderful with children that listen and cooperate and some days you can’t figure out what you had done that was so bad you were given demon children. 
     The fact is I’m a very proud and happy mother. My kids are who I am and they are a huge chunk of my life. I started this blog to share of myself and by sharing of myself I share my children as well. They are not exploited for my own gain for I have nothing to gain. They are bragged about, cherished, and loved by their mother on her crafting blog. I don’t know if that is the perfect way to go about things but my kids are happy, intelligent, wonderful children. This is the age of information after all, whether we try to hide our offspring away or share them out right, there is no perfect way to keep them entirely offline.
    I am sure that any ivy league school would know already the applicant was not a perfect angel as a child. Surely that creature doesn’t even exist. Why would they base their opinion of a applicant based on a comment made by their mother 20 years before on her social media site? They would be more interesting in the applicant’s own social media and the teen years I would assume. All this posting pictures of parties, smoking, and negativity is what we need to focus on and worry about. 
   I also understand that some people may look at a child in an way that would make a parent want to tear their heads off. I know that there are horrible horrible people in this world. Some people that we know in real life could be one of these sick people. You could see them in the Mall shopping and not even know it. You wouldn’t know that you were looking at a monster, they can conceal themselves in normal human clothing. There is really no way of avoiding these reprehensible beings. They are all around us. The best thing to do is keep your children close, keep an eye on them, and teach them to stay away from strangers and if anyone ever tries to touch them in a way they don’t like to run away screaming at the top of their lungs. 
    I would hope that my children are wise enough as they age to learn what they should and shouldn’t post online. I hope they know the difference in a good post and a bad one. I hope they make smart choices and do what is right. That is my own personal hopes for them but only they can make those decisions. As a parent, I will try to model and guide them into proper use of the internet but in the end they are the ones that will be pushing the post button. They are the ones that will be dealing with the consequences of the choices they make. 

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