MineCraft Creeper Head Craft For Kids

My son’s latest obsession is Minecraft. I have no idea why nor do I even remotely understand the premise of the game but he loves it. I should sit down with him sometime and really take the time to learn what that ugly little block guy is all about.

Tonight we were supposed to be making Valentine cards and writing a poem with rhyming words.

Instead he decided to make this:

MineCraft Creeper Head

minecraft creeper head kids

He took a box that something had came in the mail in. He glued construction paper all around the box. The he cut the eyes out and glue them on. Then I cut the holes out of the box because I was afraid he would cut himself. This took no time and he loves it. That proves that no matter how old they get, they will usually play with the box better than what is inside. That rule goes double for refrigerators and other large household appliances.


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