Onsie Upcycle Tutorial

Onesie Upcycled

First I started with a onsie and some fabric. I cut the bottom portion of the onesie off.

Then I hemed the skirt. I hemed it once and then again with a zig zag stitch. This is optional but I like the look of the zig zag.

I then put the wrong sides of the fabric together and stitched up the side creating a tube. The picture for this step was really fuzzy. 
Do a gathering stitch across the top of the skirt. This site explains how to do a gathering stitch with wonderful pictures!
Then I put the top of the onesie inside the tube with the neck of the onesie pointing at the bottom of the skirt. The back of the fabric is still on the outside.

Then I should have pinned and I would suggest pinning the shirt to the skirt, but I didn’t I just held them together and stitched around. Flatten and smooth out the skirt and you go.

For the bow. I made several different fabric flowers. 

 I used hot glue to hold them together. Their basic design is just rolling fabric around it’s self. I used the fabric leftovers and just rolled them. The added them to the belt and the added the belt to the dress with a tacking stitch on the sides to hold it into place.

That is is!
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