Free Nature Blog Resource Pictures

I was playing around with my camera the other day and took these shots of my back yard.
 I love photography. 
I’m not a professional but if I had to have a dream profession and I couldn’t pick mommy-hood, I would pick professional cake tester or if that didn’t pan out a photographer. Since I actually have a decent camera now that does hi resolution images, I’m going to take a few more random images and maybe someone will see something the can use. I have these in unedited hi resolution images if anyone wants them. These are free to use, if you can use them, take them, use them, edit them, have fun with them. That is why I put them here. 
As you can see what we lack in the grass department we make up for in trees. I like the colors in the one above. The greens and browns against the grey sky. Bright and vivid against dull and boring is what makes nature images so intriguing.
I thought this image below had a creepy feel to it so I made it black and white. I like how the trees contrast with the sky.

If I remember correctly, this image is completely unedited. I just didn’t see a point. It has a nice clear crisp color to it.

This was me trying to learn how to make a fuzzy background with a stationary subject. We know how kids just can’t be stationary long enough for mommy to learn to use all the 400 buttons and knobs on this contraption. That is why I picked on this branch for about 45 minutes.

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