Valentine’s Day Heart Flower Wreath and Smart-Fab Review

I was asked to review this awesome Smart-fab material. Smart-Fab is a crafter’s dream material. I had never heard of it before this but now I’m hooked. It’s an easy to work with fabric and doesn’t fray or split.

If you want to look at some wonderful ideas of what you can use Smart-fab for look at all the drool worth stuff on Smart-fab’s Pinterest. I just spent the better part of a hour glued to the screen there when I should have been working on my post. Or check out the Smart-Fab Facebook page for more info and regularly held Giveaways of Smart-fab material.

What did we do with our Smart-Fab?

 The kids and I had so much fun. We made a wreath for Carebear’s teacher for Valentine’s Day. I know it’s a little early but we thought she might like it early to use as decoration. Guess what? I actually took pictures this time, so I can show everyone step by step how to make this.

I love that I received red, purple and orange because they were perfect for the idea I had in mind.

They sent a sample book with the other colors they carry and I am in love with a light pink color so I may have to get it before making Super Bub’s Teacher’s wreath.

I couldn’t find a heart shaped base so I made one out of just thick cardboard. I drew a heart on the cardboard and cut it out. Easy peasy.

 I traced the cardboard heart onto the Smart-fab and cut two out to cover my cardboard front and back. I glued the cut outs to the cardboard. Be careful because the hot glue can seep through and it is hot, so don’t get burnt. I learned that one the hard way, ouch.

 I cut 1-2 inch strips of Smart-fab. I made 30 but ended up having to make another 30 because I didn’t cut enough. This depends on the size of heart you cut out.

Fold the strips in half and cut about 1/2 down on the folded end all the way across. Kids helps here with the safety scissors.

Roll the strips individually and glue the bottoms. Here is a good shot of the texture of the Smart-Fab material.

 Glue each flower closely together to the wreath.I made two rolls around the heart but this would also depend on the size of the heart you cut out.

I cut one small piece of material about 3 inches wide. I glued the sides in on each other and then glued to the back on the heart to make a hanger.

Then hang. That is all I did!

I’m almost thinking of keeping it and hanging it on my door.

We were given a sample box of Smart-Fab for reviewing purposes. Although all opinions are my own and I only review things I like and think others would like.


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