Twin Size Comforter to Toddler Sleeping Bag With Pillow

A couple days ago a good friend sent me a pin of a toddler sleeping mat. I loved it! I wanted to make one. I’m still going to make three actually but I had an idea. I have a stack of old blankets from past character obsessions that I had been planning of donating but haven’t gotten around to. This one was Carebears from like 7 years ago.

 photo GEDC0471.jpg 
I folded it in half and then again as in the picture. I cut the bottom off. I then cut the bottom in half lengthwise. I took the top folded part with the part you want to be seen on the inside and pinned one half of the bottom inside. I sewed around the edges leaving the top open a little. The other part of the bottom became the pillow. I sewed around three edges stuffed it then stuck it inside the other part with the opening at the top. I then sewed across the bottom of the pillow. Turned it and sewed the opening shut. 

Attaching the pillow was the hardest part because it was so thick.
 photo GEDC0476.jpg photo GEDC0477.jpg
The pillow can be folded in for a toddler or folded out for an older child. It is fairly thick and soft.
 photo GEDC0478.jpg
Then it can be rolled into an average size pillow.  photo GEDC0482.jpg photo GEDC0485.jpg
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