Melted Mint Mini Plates

I seen those cool looking melted peppermint trays on Pinterest. If you search on google “Melted Peppermint Trays” you will see the ones I mean. They are just so pretty and looked like fun. I just didn’t believe that it was possible so I had to try.


Most of the stuff I try from pinterest turns out differently than expected. Well, I was certain I would be writing a pin fail post at this moment in time. Well maybe not this moment, I expected to be apologizing to some very nice firemen who the neighbors would have most likely called if things had gone as I half expected them to, at this moment and then writing about the experience later tonight.Yet, I still stubbornly ventured on to do this project.


What happened you ask???




Yeah I was too.




Yep, it actually worked!



Oven preheated to 350

Starlight mints in a circle on parchment paper

8-10 minutes

then let cool.


I made a test run before letting the kids in on the fun.

Then I let them finish off the bag of peppermints. They had so much fun. They kinda looked like squished baseballs.



While they were still warm and gooey, I used a cookie cutter to make the circle and then I used a knife to imprint the initials of the intended recipients into them. They are very hot so the only part the kids really got to do was arrange the mints before baking.


I consider this a pinwin. The kids had a great time and are very excited to give out their handmade coasters/ornaments. So it’s more of a pin win win. 🙂 Sorry I just had to.



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